We use some of the latest up-to date diagnostic equipment, which we keep up-to date.

Including in this is the massive Bosch kts range, which has a large coverage of vehicles, and is always up-to date with the latest software, this also come with a guided trouble shooter system for those very problematic vehicles.

Also we have the famous V.C.D.S diagnostic equipment. It also has EOBD, EOBD2, OBDII, which covers petrol vehicles sold in Europe from 2001 onwards and diesel vehicles from 2003 onwards, this functions monitors vehicle emissions.

Just in also is the top of the range Autologic Diagnostic tester just for the V.A.G range, it does everything on the V.A.G range of vehicle for resetting service reminders to E.C.U controller coding etc.

The diagnostic equipment will point you in the right direction of a possible failing component, then we have the Picoscope technology to use to actually test the components and functionality. We also use the SmokePro machine to flush out any leaks which might cause problems.

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